Tested Sentences that Sell


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This book describes the simple but effective methods that Elmer Wheeler has used in making two sales grow where only one grew before.

The author is sales consultant for scores of prominent firms. He has tested thousands of word-combinations and selling points on millions of customers at the point of sale.

He knows the selling points and techniques that will achieve results. He knows the ones that will fail.

The author shows you how the slight twist of a phrase may make a difference between success and failure in selling a product.

He shows you how to go about building up your own selling sentences—your own sales presentations—and how to test them on the customer.

You will find this book intensely interesting and practical, for the author has filled it with stories of actual sales campaigns that have been built upon the use of tested sentences.

The ideas in this book are making money for some of the best-known concerns in the country. They should make money for you.